Corsair h100i v2 pump failure

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Apr 30, 2014 · I'm having some issues with my Corsair H100i cooling system. Here is my initial screen on Corsair Link v2 And here is the version: As you can see, or should I say cannot see any fans. I have checked the connections on the pump for the two fans and they are properly seated. I disconnected and reconnected them to be extra sure.
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AIO's pumps can fail and instantly overheat your CPU without warning. Not scaring you but this is a pro for HSF. Im buying the corsair 400c soon to replace my old case that was from my old build so would it fit the h100i v2. If you have the Corsair 400C has enough room for the H100I V2 then go with that.
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- Hydro Series - H80i, H100i, H80i GT, H100i GTX, H110i GT, H110i GTX, H80i V2, H100i V2, H110i, H115i - PSU Series - AXi, HXi, RMi, RM (With USB Dongle) - Commander MINI . Changelog: - All fans and pumps (including GPU and MB) are added to Configure tab. - Added option to disable debug logs and to change their destination.
About 9 months in, the Corsair H100i v2 pump failed. The H100i had been a nightmare to deal with in any case, due to its eminently SFF-unsuitable thick, inflexible pipes. So decided to do a rebuild, swapping out the Corsair H100i v2 for an EVGA CLC 240 and swapping out the Intel 7265 for a 9260 (not as good as the USB stick, but it works).
Icue losing control of h100i v2 fan speeds randomly. I tried everything but i couldnt find a solution since months. If you use Corsair Link software everything works perfectly but with iCue I lost control on fan speeds.
is the corsair h100i v2 good; 2014 関東大会結果について; スクォートクラスに関してのお知らせ; 年間ランキング一部修正しました; 年間ランキング途中経過の発表について; 活動報告. 2018年第四戦 四国大会の結果発表; リザルト(2017年第1戦 中部大会) TLDR - Corsair H100i pump fails after a few weeks. Flashes red and blue at 0rpms randomly. Have tried many things to fix, even sending to Corsair, but have not found the solution. Temp fix is to...
Designed for CORSAIR Hydro coolers: H50, H55, H75, H80i v2 (H80i GT), H90, H100i v2 (H100i GTX), H105, H110i GTX, H115i NZXT M22 X41 X52 X62 X72; AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, FM1 and FM2 socket compatible; Use your current CORSAIR Hydro Series cooler with AMD Ryzen; Fan was removed from a CPU not for sale in retail and is new. Have you heard about Corsair and their family of the innovative products? If you are a control freak that likes to tune your PC the way you want and monitor whatever is happening, then you should get Corsair devices and this all to put you in full control.
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