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A Woodruff Key is a half moon shaped key that is inserted into a curved slot in the shaft. The advantage of a Woodruff Key is that once the key is properly installed, it is captive and cannot walk itself out of the shaft. Woodruff keys are used on shafts from ¼” diameter to 2-1/2” diameter.
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Camshaft Key Stock Size , Sprite, Mg Midget , Mini, & Morris Minor. Also see our complete selection of crankshaft bearing for all the various engine sizes.
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KEY-WOODRUFF 3257-23-KEY-WOODRUFF 3257-23. Sign-up right now and get coupons and special offers sent to you by e-mail!
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Kimball and Ross refer to these as degenerate dimensions. The JobId attribute in Figure 10.3 is a degenerate dimension (more on this shortly). We indicate the dimension attributes that act as foreign keys using the stereotype «fk». The primary keys of the dimension tables are indicated with the stereotype «pk». Our carbon keys are normally made from cold drawn SAE-1035 steel and come in a wide range of metric sizes. For more information about our metric keys, call us today at 724.846.4660 or click...NOTE: this shaft has 2 woodruff keys. please check the photo matches your crank before ordering. This is a carefully selected replacement spare part of the highest quality at an affordable price it is fully compatible with Honda industrial engines. ANY QUESTIONS CALL BOB ON; 07812 910565 EMAIL; [email protected] Woodruff keys work well near shaft shoulders, where a standard open keyway would create too Steel keys offer good strength. 316 stainless steel keys have excellent corrosion resistance, but...
size than WOR (due to high multiplicity of heavy keys) and that while both WR and WOR well-approximate the frequency distribution on heavy keys, WOR provides a much better approximation of the tail. 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
With the woodruff key in position, install the front half of the new pulley onto the alternator shaft (push the pulley onto the shaft as far as you can by hand). Make sure the woodruff key is fully seated into the slot in the center shaft, and that it does not slide out of the slot while installing the pulley half. Key is 3mm wide by .475" long. This is the longer and larger of the 2 Rocket keys / timing advance keys. If your timing key is this size then this offset key will work for you too.
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